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Barbara von Kaenel Jeup

I have been working as a Kinesiologist since 2000 and love every minute of it. I am "Komplementär" Therapist KineSuisse (Swiss Professional Association of Kinesiology), member of the umbrella organization Xund, internationally recognized Instructor for Brain Gym, Movement Dynamics, Neuropressure and Touch for Health. I teach Kinesiology introductory courses for persons interested in learning about individual energy management and activating their personal resources.


After graduating as a gymnastics teacher and dancer, I worked at a Ballet and Movement Studio in Liestal from 1980-2014, teaching dance classes, and as a member of the management team. Classes included students from age 4 up to 90 years. With great enthusiasm I designed a large number of choreographies and performances,  and  performed as a dancer in independent groups.


My kinesiology training began in 1998 at the Institute of Kinesiology at Erica Bruce in Binnigen / BL, graduating in 2000. In 2003, I passed the exam to become the A-Therapist of the Swiss Kinesiology Association. In the same year, I obtained the teaching permission for Touch for Health and Brain Gym, in 2006 for Movement Dynamics, for Neuropressure. 2016-2017 I took further education in "Coaching in therapeutical settings", and reached the "Branchenzertifikat" OdA as Kinesiologist 2018.


I receive regular further education and updates through courses at the IAK (Institute for Applied Kinesiology in Freiburg, Germany) and at the IKAMED in Zurich. Amongst other things, I became involved in areas of Transformation Kinesiology (Spiritual Balance), testing and working with early childhood reflexes, Stress Indicator Point System (Meridian balances in relation to the various levels and areas of our body-mind system), Family and Energy settings in individual work, Emotion, Spirit and Destiny (psychologic aspects of the 5 elements), and the extra Meridians. Lately I have been learning more about HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons).


I look forward to welcome you to the Stadtmitte practice in the heart of Basel, or in my Raum für Kinesiologie Studio in Birsfelden!

Since 2020, online Consulting and or Coaching, and remote Treatments have been proven to be helpful alternatives, when meeting at the practice is not possible.

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