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Identify, reduce and let go of



Solving problems

Every problem - be it physical, mind-based or emotional - is associated with stress, and acts as a blockage in our system. Often enough, this tension will not be perceived consciously, for example when it occurs automatically and unintentionally. The overload then becomes noticeable as a "problem" in the body-mind system.

During the session, gentle "muscle testing" will detect those blockages that disturb and strain your system, causing pain and anxiety, and preventing access to your actual potential and abilities.

Muscle tests

Muscle tests are used to communicate with the physical, emotional and mental levels. So let your body talk to the kinesiologist.

Reaching goals

In the session, we learn about your situation, decide what you would like to achieve with kinesiology, and then work on this this goal.

The application of acupressure, meridian taps, exercises, color and fragrance essences, as well as findings from the conversation about the test results lead to the goal.


Cost: CHF 120.- per hour 

Recognized by most Swiss Insurances (please inquire with your health insurer)


Duration: ca. 60 minutes (adults); ca. 50 minutes (children)

Age: suitable at any age

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